The Storm is Coming


Snart friiii!!!

Man skulle ikke tro det betydde s mye, men i morgen og fredag har jeg fri! Ja, det er vanlig ha fri et par dager i uka, tenker du, og det er det jo.. Men her i kommunen hvor jeg jobber s er det LUKSUS f to dager P RAD! Ganske latterlig dumt at det ikke er en selvflge prve og f til det p papiret, men jaja. I allefall bytta jeg med ei anna denne uka, s i steden for to spredte, ubrukelige en-dagers hver, s fikk vi to p rad. Ja, for en dag er faktisk helt ubrukelig! Man fr ikke hvilt ut noe srlig, og man vil ikke bruke denne ENE slappe-av dagen p vaske ned leiligheten for da er man mer sliten igjen til man skal p jobb dagen etter. Hper dette bedrer seg. Skal jo jobbe fast annenhver helg fremover, s da hper jeg i allefall at de andre helgene blir helt fri!

Hper lnna er verdt jeg, jeg lever p kreditt, har ikke rd til betale regningene mine og er generelt blakk.. Feiende flott skal jeg si dere! Og likevel klarer jeg ikke noe s enkelt som smre niste, og spise denne p jobb. Det er snn ca. like vanskelig som g p en tte timers fjelltur. Vel, jeg fr spise opp frokosten og komme meg p jobb.

Once a geek, always a geek!

Got Starcraft 2 today, and i have to say its pretty cool so far!

I even see a dancing night elf!! :D

Anyway, cba to write much now, im off to bed. So long, suckers!

When is the movie about my life coming out?

Have you even wished your life was more like a film? I sure have, a thousand times! I daydream a bit before i fall to sleep every night, and its always cheesy movie moments that springs to mind. Me at the grocerie store, dropping some oranges on the floor, they roll over to some cute guys feet, and he will help me pick them up. Not that i ever buy oranges in real life, but thats just a minor detail. Or i imagine i see someone out in the streets, preferably a hot movie star or a certain vocalist in a certain british band, and hes like "yeah, my psychic said to me i had to go to Norway, and there i would meet my true love in this street". Sure, that thing happens all the time, right? Or maybe someone spots me and will be like "wow, you're perfect for this new movie we're doing, you're gonna be a movie star". Yay, a movie star! Or its simply someone from the real life i have in mind, perhaps someone from work, maybe a friend of a friend, who knows.

So, what does one gain from daydreams like this? Not much, but i cant deny its nice to waste time on it nonetheless. I guess i wont stay single forever, but right now (and for the past 3-4 years) it sure has felt like its gonna be the case! If i meet someone, its always at the wrong time, or they have the wrong views and opinions, or they just arent interested, or they have some nasty habits, no humor, or some other flaws. Im very picky. And why should i be? Im far from perfect myself. My mood swings more than a swinger party at times, and my food habits the same. Mood goes down, food intake goes up. Then mood goes further down, and food intake reaches new heights. Being like this for nearly ten years now really drains me at times.

Food is my worst enemy. Or well, i think i am my worst enemy. I try to fix stuff, i go on diets, waste money on gym membership and personal trainers, i buy expensive but healthy food and i really try to make and effort. But then it all falls apart like a fucking fragile card house. After days or weeks (i hardly ever get as far as months) on a diet, i get desperate. I dont mean like "yeah, a cake would be nice now", i mean "I WILL KILL MYSELF IF I CANT HAVE CHEEZ DOODLES RIGHT NOW" and "if i cant eat pizza now, my life isnt worth living". Stuff like that. Its hard to talk about it with other people, as most doesnt understand what its like.

They would say "but come on, it only takes a bit more effort, you can easily do it", or "stop complaining and get a grip". Yeah right, its so easy. So then they are left with the impression that im a lazy bum who can thank herself for getting fat and in major bad shape. Sure, its my own hands stuffing yet another pizza slice into my mouth, but its not like i want it. Its a war with yourself. The heart cries, the head says "this is wrong" but the hands wont listen. And my feet, they are evil too. They carry me to the food shop over and over again, buying all kinds of crappy shit food i dont need. Pizza, chocolate, crisps, candy, more crisps, more pizza. I spend so much money of food that its embarassing. And i sometimes go to two different stores because its too embarassing to place all i want in front of me for all to see. I bet they are all thinking "yep, there goes another binge eater, you can see it all over her face, she craves it". Well, its true, so why not?

Then ill go home, make my fucking pizza, eat the whole thing and then crave some more. So i eat more, and then i eat some more on top of that. Then i get sick in every way, but i still go to the kitchen to eat some more. Yay for me, what a person i am!

But in my faithful daydreams im always in shape, like i used to be. I look slender and nice, and im not close to dying from running for the bus. And i dont reek of garlic because i had garlic bread for dinner. And i dont have a small bag of crisps hidden in my bag. And i certainly wont run to the store to buy wine so i can drown my misery when i get home. Not at all! Im successful in every way of course! Just like the movies. Just like the movies.. Where everyone is perfect. And if they arent, you can be damn sure they just "straighten up and do something about it", because its really easy and everyone should manage!

So then what? Screw it. As Bridget, i forsee a lonely death, ending in getting eaten by my dogs. Really? No, i doubt that. But when will i straighten up then? When will i fucking get a grip and stop being a Bridget? The hell i know. One day at a time, one pizza slice after another. Certainly not one boyfriend after another, haha!

Well. I am grumpy at times. Sour and bitter. No fun to hang out with. I salute the few friends who actually manages to stay cool and accept it. Thank you! One day im gonna wake up and be like "wooo, im so freaking fun to be around, and im gonna prove it today". I will. One day. Just like the movies :)

See, i can smile too!! Its true what they say, the rumors are true!! Anyway, ill turn my back on you and walk away now, tata!

Ten Black Roses

When you're sad, and no one knows it.. I'll send you black roses.

Progress at last!

Geek post inc. If you are a normal person, i suggest you skip this post.

After a long summer with hardly any progress at all, im pleased to announce that RMV has laid both the professor and the dragon to rest this reset! We nailed Putricide thursday and Sindragosa today. I feel we're back on track, and im happy i didnt leave the guild a few weeks ago, which i was really close to doing. Will be hard to find a guild as good as this that only raids 2 days a week, so i want to stay as long as we dont fall apart!

Well, yeah, nothing else to update, pics to follow:

Results May Vary has proven itself worthy of its name, but what else can you expect from a guild that raids only 2 days a week. Key persons missing one of the raids, someone not on the top of their game, lots of things can happen as we then struggle with half of the designated raid time. Next stop is Halion heroic, and i hope we wont wipe for as long there as we have did on these two bastards!


I work a lot lately. And only have one day off here and there, not two in a row. And like 5 weekends in a row with work means i cant really do anything other than work, or sit at home on my one day off. Then again, i need money, so its cool. And i like my job, thank god. The ones who followed my old blog might remember how much i hated my previous job, so all in all this is all good!

So what do i spend my spare time on? Well, gotten some new friends through work, so seeing them now and then. Seeing more people more often, in general, which is good! Other than that, ive taken up Dragon Age again, since the first time round my gfx card died midway, so i never got to finish it. Ive even gotten a motivation booster in WoW with our heroic Putricide 25 kill this thursdag, yay! So after that, i gained enough WoW-strength to actually do some achievements ive been wanting (but not bothering) to do since forever. Was only some old instances, but hey, its something!

Havent got much more to write atm, so ill add some random pics from random moments the past weeks.

And that was all! Dont mind my dress haunting these pictures, i just like it!


Okay, some of you have requested that i make a post about my England trip, so here it is! In pictures, as a picture can say more than thousand words, and i dont intend to write an essay now. Work tomorrow, wohoo. Random order here, as some are from my camera and some from my phone, but you can deal with that, right? Goodies, strap yourself to your chairs then. Or whatever.

Pyramid Stage is being visited by Dizzee Rascal. Here he was performing Bonkers! Crowd went mad!

This is how it looks like after thousands upon thousands have been partying, drinking and throwing their trash on the ground in front of the pyramid stage. In one day only! Litter pickers started early and kept going for hours.

Perhaps the most wicked stages of them all: Arcadia! This was the most awesome clubbing/party stage and it kept people alive and in the mood with pyro effects and pyro artists, plus a killer lightshow! If i could spell awesome in a different way, it would be spelled Arcadia! Here, Reggae Twins are performing on saturday night.

A most bizarre place, Block 9. It looks like something you would stuble across during your adventures in Fallout 3, exceot people are less violent and more gay. This place had the gayest nightclub of all nightclubs, and it kept them gays in dresses going all night long!

This is me making new (and a bit dodgy) friends in the middle of the night. Hooked up in Shangri-la where we bonded over a joint, and a unique frienship emerged. It lasted til sunrise and then i walked home to my tent, which took about 479242 hours.

This is described as the place where you can find or lose yourself. I found myself! Had a tarot reading and proper home made chai, got my palms read (and the result was frightenly correct) and last but not least i attended a self-hypnosis course! This place was chill from one end to another, and i was here several times just hanging out.

Just a random picture of random people, not too long before the sun went down. Bliss! This festival was SPESHUL!

But, as we all know, festivals isnt only fun. You also stumble upon things that you wish you never saw, like this. I couldnt help but wonder though, how the hell someone managed this? My friends and i have had many theories, from smearing it with ones hands to actually being drunk enough to miss the hole. Got any other ideas, please share in the comment field!

And then ill round it up with this lovely picture from my last night at Glastonbury 2010. This is the sunrise over Stone Circle, and i cant comment further than "wow". I really enjoyed my time at the festival, alone and with randoms along the way. Next year i hope someone will join in though, as this experience is too big to not share!!

To round it up with, ill try to summarize some of the coolest stuff i saw/did here!

* MUSE!!!! A truly amazing show, breathtaking and epic and win. And a bit legendary. Did i mention it was epic? Oh yes i did!
* Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal and almost Tinie Tempah! Yo yo, cool story bro!
* Vampire Weekend and Scissor Sisters, sweet and nice, good vibes and good music.
* Shakira, damn this woman totally rocked the stage! Those hips really dont lie, that much i can tell! She even brought out our friend Wycleff for that song, and how cool was that??
* Grease singalong. Yes, you read that right. My first time ever watching Grease didnt stop me from singing along! In the end we all stormed the stage and had a massive singing/dancing/crazy wtf moment. My best festival memory actually!
* Clubbing in Arcadia and Block 9. Wow, this took clubbing to a whole new level. You wouldt believe that you were at a festival but rather in the middle of a big city, underground somewhere, that is. Really, really cool!
* Watching the sun rise together with lots of hippies, surrounded by bonfire smoke and the sound of african drums.
* Not having a shower in 5 days, a new personal record! I did however wash every day, but still..
* Spotting 1x Ompalompa, 2x smurfs, 4 cows (not actual cows, but humans in full cow outfits), 1x male fairy, a dozen super heroes and various other creatures i would not dream of seing elsewhere.
* Being so cold i just wanted to die (night) and being so warm i just wanted to die (day).

And tons of other things!!! Glastonbury 2011, ill definetely be there! <3

drite seg ut..

drite seg ut p fest kommer i mange varianter. Jeg har prvd de fleste, fles det i allefall som. Denne gangen endte jeg opp med bli helt emo og dra ut sippefjeset over en fyr som overhodet ikke er verdt det. Flott. Srlig flott siden det er med folk fra jobben som jeg egentlig ikke kjenner s godt. Jeg blir gal av vre singel. Jeg ser potensielle menn overalt, og de er fail alle som en. Enten er de bare ute etter en ting, ellers er de bare ute etter en ting. Godt oppsummert. Finnes det i det hele tatt NOEN som helst p min alder som er single og good looking, og ikke gay? Ser drlig ut!

S hva skal man gjre da? Ligge litt rundt uten bekymringer mens man venter p at den rette banker p dra? Eller skal man nekte seg intimitet bare fordi man er singel. Hva er ok og hva er cheap? Jaja, akkurat det driter jeg i, for s lenge jeg ikke er p en ny en sttt og stadig kan det vre det samme.

Skulle kanskje ftt meg en hobby. Alts, en annen hobby enn World of Warcraft, that is. Funker ikke s bra mte noen der. Eller alts, jeg kjenner flere det har funket for, men jeg har jo uflaks som vanlig. Jeg meldte meg p, men det fltes s utrolig kleint. Uff, m slette profil tror jeg. Ble liksom s serist og flte at jeg bare ropte "jeg trenger kjreste" og det ble litt for desperat. Ogs har jeg date-angst. skulle tilbringe tid med en fremmed, bare dere to, over en middag og en drink eller noe anna rl. Grss og gru!!! Ogs hjelper det jo ikke at jeg er temmelig sr nr det kommer til gutter heller. Skal endel til fr jeg finner noen interessante, og nr jeg gjr det er det gjerne snne halvrare folk i tillegg!

Om man skulle bli tatt med storm da? Mtt en fyr som helt klart var den mest interessante du hadde mtt de siste 5 rene? Og vedkommende ikke er interessert i deg, kun interessert i leve singellivet, aka pule rundt, hva gjr man da? Jo da sipper man litt p fest og skriver et blogginnlegg mens man spiser frokost dagen derp. Hipp hurra for rva timing. Jeg gir opp.

Whaaat, et blogginnlegg??

Blei s sykt lei av den bloggen her, hadde liksom ikke en dritt skrive om da vettu. Ikke at jeg har s fryktelig mye skrive om n heller men, hehe.. Jeg bare lurte p om noen der oppe skulle sende en bra fyr i min retning? Ja, for N er jeg lei av vre singel. Kan lukte pepperm-stemplet lang vei, skrekk og gru! Kan man lure seg selv til tro at man er litt smkeen p noen bare fordi man savner vre det?? :p Vel, neppe.. Men ja. Litt lei av at det eneste jeg har finne p er dra ut og drekka med folk, eller sitte inne spille WoW. Eller jobbe. Snn gr nu dagan..

Det er gy dra ut alts, men.. Blir jo 24 i r. Vil reise, treffe nye mennesker, bli en av dem som henger rundt i Oslo, drikker litt kaffe, tar en utepils, sitter i parken. Nei, n M jeg bli kjent med litt flere folk alts :) Trallallaa.. N m jeg stikke p jobb, gamlingene (og kaffepausene) venter! :D
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