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Original date of post: 01.09.2009

ZzzzZzz, tired much. It really kills me to work early shifts, having to get up at six. Im quite worried about the new job, since i then have to get up even earlier, like 5 in the morning. Thats nearly in the middle of the night, blergh! As it is now, when i work early days, the day goes like this:

Alarm goes off. Can slumber for a bit, mmm more sleep, so tired.

Shit, now i really need to get up and hit the shower, else ill be late for work.

I should be at work by now, at the very latest. Need coffee or something else to wake me up. Also need breakfast since i never have time for that before im off to work. Me so sleepy.

Boss arrives, im glad a full hour has already passed. Now wont the next seven pass faster please.

11:00 to 12:00
Somewhere inbetween here, i have lunch. I decide myself when, and usually i like to have lunch as late as possible unless im starving. I do this because if i have a late lunch, it feels like im "soon" going home afterwords.

Wow, only two hours left. Man the time after lunch have really gone slow. Zzz, want to sleep, my back hurts.

My god, has it only been ten minutes? Must be something wrong with either the clock, or even the time itself. Can the time go backwards?

Half an hour. That means one and a half hour left. Feels like forever. Stay strong, Maria -stay strong!

Holy guacamole, only fourty-five minutes left. That is less than one hour. Its closing up now.

One or two people showing up for the evening shift. Small-talk, tasks that has to be done before i can go home, need to hurry, tired.

Well, now ive finally managed to find my way out, twenty minutes late (im always late). Never seem to be able to finish at three as im supposed to. Oh well, now im off at least.

Home. Say hello to various family members that are home by then. Shower, mmm hot.

Asking mom if theres any dinner inc. Usually the answer is no. Sighs and go to my room where i eye my delicious bed up and down.
Want. To. Sleep.

Must stay strong. Cannot sleep now, then wont be able to sleep at night. What can i do to pass time? Hmm, ill do my two dailies.

Been slow with dailies. Chatting on IRC, whining a bit about how tired i am. Wondering if i can go to sleep for the night? People tell me no.

Want to watch a movie. Im thinking if i watch one, it'll be time for bed (nearly at least) when its done. Two outcomes. a) im watching a movie, b) i tried to watch a movie but i gave up because i was sleepy (like today, i endured for five minutes, yawn).

Finally, the magic hour is here. Been dying to go to bed, and this is the earliest acceptable time to do so. As im writing this, its 21:22. Over time, starts to get late. Argh, have to get up like eight hours after ive fallen to sleep. Could sleep for twelve. At least!

Lying in bed. Daydreaming. Enjoying myself and the best i know in the whole world. SLEEP!!!!



01.feb.2010 kl.16:50

hei :) s fin blogg du har as:D du skriver bra ogs ;) YOU GO!


01.feb.2010 kl.17:16

Takk :) Ble litt mye spam av gamle innlegg men, hehe!

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