So far, so cold :<

Original date of post: 30.12.2009

Its been cold lately. Too cold for my likings. When every bare patch of skin hurts, and your nose hairs freeze and tickles when you breathe, well yeah, then there's something seriously wrong. Not that i have a beard up my nose, but yeah. I try to be as little outside as possible, but walking to and from my car before and after work is more than enough. Also today at work i had to do some stuff outside that took a while, same with yesterday. Brrr, freezing! Think its around minus 15-20 degrees these days, not cool. Oh wait, did you see wha..? Nevermind!

So, i use this thick down jacket, at least thats what i think its called. And a skarf of course, and gloves. And tights under my pants, and yeah, everything. Spring, i welcome thee! I dont particulary enjoy looking like an eskimo. Allthough it was kinda cute with the hair coming out!? Freaky blurry weirdo picture tho, but who cares!

Today i was so late back from work, and just ten minutes before raid time i sat down in front of the PC. But i couldnt really rest, cus i had some dishes to take care of. Or at least place in the dishwasher. So then there wasnt time for a proper dinner, and this was my subsitute. Worked as well, was actually yum!

Some other updates. Mom found another retarded santa while we were there, and it got to hang up near the other freaky ones. One of my little brothers did this one at the age of 19, i mean 9. Or something, i cant remember when he did it, but its just so retarded. Do you see the similarity here??

Even though i only had my shit laptop with me home to parents place, i got company from my cat, who is just so lovable! Not as lovable as Jack-o tho, hah! See, im nice! <3

That was all for tonight folks, see you next week. Wat? You cant wait that long, you say? Oh okay then, thats really flattering! Ill see if i can come up with another awesome post before the week is up, ok?

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