Not sure how this happen tbh. Did i fake it? No. Did i chose the test that seemed to be the easiest? No. Idk, i just got it linked and i was so sure i was gonna be like.. BELOW 100. That was my nightmare. End up on like 87 or something. God, that would be devastating. I didnt think id be some genius, and im not either really. So the test cant be all accurate. While doing the questions, i managed to resonnate myself through to most of the answers, and felt confident that id chosen the right alternative, but i had to guess on three of them iirc. I tried and tried, to see the pattern in the numbers etc, but i just couldnt see it! Argh, annoying. Anyway, this was more lol then cool i gues. Hah, anyway. Genius Maria here, how can i serve you?? Private lessons perhaps? Hoho :D

IQ Test - IQ Test

Okay, so supposedly i could've faked that, right? I didnt! I HAZ PROOFZ!!



20.feb.2010 kl.01:39



20.feb.2010 kl.11:54

Befl: Sorry, i can not help it. You should try the test again anyway, i think you actually are more smart than me!


20.feb.2010 kl.11:55

Befl: More smart, smarter. Hello grammar.


23.feb.2010 kl.18:22

152 ! What do I win ? :o

It's a more "have you done IQ tests before and are you good at maths" test tho :P


23.feb.2010 kl.19:46

Moose: Yeah, i reckon so :p I didnt expect a result like that at least, hehe.. And no, you wont win anything, we already knew you were smart!

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