Saturday means weekend!!!

And weekend means wooooo0o0ooo! :D Have i any plans for this weekend then? No! Am i sad? No! Ah, this is so wonderful really, just being able to slack all day! I had a good nights sleep after going to bed early last night. A week of work pretty much does that to me every friday, so nothing unusual there. Theres a lot of things i couldve done today, but nothing tempts really :p

Can you spot the difference between these two? Well obviously there are a lot of them, but main thing is this: Sleeping Beauty looks sweet and beautiful when she sleeps, and probably when she wakes up too. When i wake up, i look like Swamp Thing. Im not green, but otherwise its pretty close! Some people are like "off to the gym now, then i just shower when i get back home" and im like AHEHEHAHAHAHEH!! Sure, i can do that, if i want to scare the whole fucking gym into believing Swamp Thing is there. My face feels all swollen and awful, and my hair is just a mess. Worse than a birds nest really. People with thick hair can easily shower right before they go to bed, and wake up with nice hair. Ive tried everything. No matter what i do, i cannot wake up with nice hair. It simply is impossible!

Why? Because my hair isnt so thick, i think its easier messed up from sleep. Im probably just squeezing my pillow really tight, and my hair cant take it! So then it bends and twists and ends up being awful. Bad hair, bad face = cant do anything before a shower. So then most saturdays just starts late, after ive had my shower. Anything happening before that only happens in my flat, for no one to see! The monster needs to straighten up before meeting the rest of the world, cant be going around looking like nuclear waste ^^

Talking about showers made me want one, so i shall bid you farewell.



20.feb.2010 kl.14:08

hper du har en fiiiinfin helg kjre=)=) hihihi <3 <3


20.feb.2010 kl.15:15

incoming: Woo! Du ogs! :D

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