I work a lot lately. And only have one day off here and there, not two in a row. And like 5 weekends in a row with work means i cant really do anything other than work, or sit at home on my one day off. Then again, i need money, so its cool. And i like my job, thank god. The ones who followed my old blog might remember how much i hated my previous job, so all in all this is all good!

So what do i spend my spare time on? Well, gotten some new friends through work, so seeing them now and then. Seeing more people more often, in general, which is good! Other than that, ive taken up Dragon Age again, since the first time round my gfx card died midway, so i never got to finish it. Ive even gotten a motivation booster in WoW with our heroic Putricide 25 kill this thursdag, yay! So after that, i gained enough WoW-strength to actually do some achievements ive been wanting (but not bothering) to do since forever. Was only some old instances, but hey, its something!

Havent got much more to write atm, so ill add some random pics from random moments the past weeks.

And that was all! Dont mind my dress haunting these pictures, i just like it!

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