God, there are so many weird people out there! Half of the weirdoes are from 4chan, and the rest are just fruitcakes and nutters i suppose. Not that the /b/ guys are all sane, im not saying that, b...

LEGO nutters and weirdness!

Some people like gardening, and others enjoy football. Some finds gaming fun, while others again think its poo. Some like to decorate their flat over and over again, and others are dog people. Some...


Im having a good day! More on that later, but here's a taste, hehe ;)

Cyanide & Happiness

Haha! :D The morale is, dont forget the freaking ice!! Okay, dont drink and drive either.

Beware of the Toilet-Santa!

Original date of post: 23.12.2009Right. Toilet-Santa, you know him right? Its the special santas made from empty toilet paper roll thingies, and i think all kids here do it. At least me and all my ...

Christmas 2008

Original date of post: 19.12.2009 Last year, the funniest moment of the entire Christmas holiday was when my younger brother opened a gift containing a mint green "old mans sweater". Wor...

Internet Humor Humors Me!

Original date of post: 15.11.2009 Clicky for larger ones. Good night chaps!


Original date of post: 16.10.2009 Literally.. I just got home from one of those 15 hour work days that i love so much (c wut i did thar, olol), and got pleasently suprised. While i was at work, my ...

I lol'd

Original date of post: 29.09.2009 Apparently only half of the people i linked this to on IRC found it funny, but what the heck, i loved it!!! Thanks Tord for bringing this to my attention, made me ...


Original date of post: 29.05.2009 Okay, this might only be funny for those who understands norwegian, maybe swedish and danish works, not sure if you have that expression. But this is from the la...


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