Once a geek, always a geek!

Got Starcraft 2 today, and i have to say its pretty cool so far!I even see a dancing night elf!! :DAnyway, cba to write much now, im off to bed. So long, suckers!

Progress at last!

Geek post inc. If you are a normal person, i suggest you skip this post.After a long summer with hardly any progress at all, im pleased to announce that RMV has laid both the professor and the drag...


Thinking about splitting this blog up, sort of. Maybe add a blog thats pure WoW related. Would anyone read it? I guess it would be in english of course, while this one mainly would be in norwegian ...

HAHAHA!!! Explicit content, yow..

How on earth could i have missed this one? Rofl!! :D

Zzzz (WoW ranting..)

Shouldve updated more here recently, but ive been lazy (more like, ive been plaing too much WoW), but anyway.. Here it comes! A tiny post with pretty much nothing in it! Ive been keeping some new d...

Me so tired, wru alt time?!

In my previous post, i wrote about how urgent the need for cash was, because i really need to get Win7, as the RC one expires now. I dont like the thought of my PC shutting down every two hours. It...

Damn You Blizzard!!

You're trying to steal my money, rob me like you'd rob a child for his lolly! I was logging on today, and what popped up in front of my eyes? Plush pets. Nothing special, i thought. Why wou...

Pug Heaven

Pugs can be both good and bad. Last night was good! I had only done the first four bosses in ICC10 (and 25 for that matter), but still i got in a group. Ended up adding four more kills to my list, ...

Quotes - Lunaire

Original date of post: 28.10.2009For some reason im quoted with so much crap on IRC, and as we speak, we have a small quote war going on. I thought id share the quotes with the rest of you, not on ...


Original date of post: 21.09.2009 (click the image for larger res) Need i say more?


Original date of post: 11.03.2009Im a girl, so that must mean i love to go shopping, right? Well, not really. At least not clothes and shoes! Its like, yes i like it a littlebit, but not often, and...

Things i wont do again: Whelps

Original date of post: 11.12.2008Some of us guildies decided to go BWL for achievements and shit, and we all reckoned that would be really easy. Well, well, we got pwned some times, to put it that ...


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