august 2010

The Storm is Coming


Snart friiii!!!

Man skulle ikke tro det betydde s mye, men i morgen og fredag har jeg fri! Ja, det er vanlig ha fri et par dager i uka, tenker du, og det er det jo.. Men her i kommunen hvor jeg jobber s er det...

Once a geek, always a geek!

Got Starcraft 2 today, and i have to say its pretty cool so far!I even see a dancing night elf!! :DAnyway, cba to write much now, im off to bed. So long, suckers!

When is the movie about my life coming out?

Have you even wished your life was more like a film? I sure have, a thousand times! I daydream a bit before i fall to sleep every night, and its always cheesy movie moments that springs to mind. Me...

Ten Black Roses

When you're sad, and no one knows it.. I'll send you black roses.

Progress at last!

Geek post inc. If you are a normal person, i suggest you skip this post.After a long summer with hardly any progress at all, im pleased to announce that RMV has laid both the professor and the drag...


I work a lot lately. And only have one day off here and there, not two in a row. And like 5 weekends in a row with work means i cant really do anything other than work, or sit at home on my one day...


23, Oslo

Living in Oslo, and happy with that. Mostly blog about what happens in my life, which is for sure not one million different fashion outfits and beauty advices. You like reading about other stuff, then welcome :)

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