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Cover Songs!

Ohh, there are so many good (and bad) covers of various songs out there, and i just wanted to post this swedish dude because his covers were nice and sweet. It was actually a tweet from Perez Hilto...

by:Larm (konkurranse)

Shit, kom akkurat over en konkurranse her inne, hvor man kunne vinne flere fete ting!Festivalpass til by:LarmMobiltelefonIntervjuerCred? S hvorfor er dette kult, og hvorfor vil jeg vre med i konk...

Hear This Out!

Original date of post: 25.01.2010 So, this is my little brothers band, and i wanted to share it with you. They are quite young, but already pretty good imo! This song is called I Will See You De...

Festival Review

Original date of post: 09.07.2009 So its time to write something about the festival! Where to start? From the beginning i guess. To accompany my long story (or if you cba to read), here are the p...

Waiting On The World To Change

This song have been haunting me over the weekend. First of all, let me say that i had never heard it before this friday, in fact ive never liked John Mayer at all, so never had any reason to listen...


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